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"I've come to rely upon Sophia's expertise and insight into all my personnel questions and issues. I am rapidly expanding my business and taking on new employees. Sophia is excellent at understanding the nature of our profession, the necessary skill set that enables a new employee to succeed, as well as listening to me describe my specific needs. She makes the arduous process infinitely easier, and more importantly, she gets it right. Every applicant she presented to me was excellent. Made for a difficult choice to only choose one!"

- Craig Knizek, Real Estate Agent

Director of Estates Division at The Agency RE

"Over the years I have come to entrust Sophia's expertise in the areas of mindset and intentional use of language in my personal and professional life. As the Creator & Founder of Color Me World, vision, communication, and connection are vital to our success. Early in our development process, I was challenged with precisely communicating and connecting my soul's vision to our mission and brand. This negatively impacted my business by preventing us from reaching our target market. Through powerful visualization and expansion sessions with Sophia, along with the ongoing mindset and intentional use of language workshops, I was able to not only break through those challenges and align my soul's vision to our mission and brand I was able to connect with others that also aligned with our mission and in less than 90 days landed features in Forbes Magazine, Business Insider and more for the work that I was now able to accomplish as a result of my sessions with Sophia. I'd recommend anyone looking to elevate their personal or business life to work with her for mindset, visualization, and expansion as well as the ongoing intentional use of language workshops! You will never know how much you needed to have Sophia in your life until after you look back and see all of the progress you have made as a result of working with her.

- Karishma Shackelford

Creator & Founder of Color Me World

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